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Usedom 2018 Sailing behind the island
Jersey 2017 Wandering on a channel island
Sailing 2016 Once again: Sailing on the little Lakes
of Mecklenburg and Brandenburg ... about sailing (german only) ...
Estonia 2015 From Tallinn to Hiiumaa Island
Latvia 2014 Riga and the north of Latvia
2013: Southern Moravia
and Danube River
Wine, wandering, history and culture
Mecklenburg 2012 Sailing on the Müritz Lake
2011: Finland ... Chilling out in the Finnish Archipelago
... and St. Petersburg. Fascinating: "The russian gate to Europe"
Sailing 2010 Sailing on the little Lakes of Mecklenburg and Brandenburg
North of Scandinavia 2009 Up to 71 Degrees North ...
Sailing 2008 Sailing down the Elbe- and Trave Rivers to the Baltic Sea
Norway 2007 Scandinavia once again: The South of Norway
Sailing 2006 Sailing on Elbe- and Elde Rivers and Lake Plauer See
Sailing 2005 Sailing on Peene River ...
Mountain-Walking 2004 Mountain-Walking in the Alpes in South of France.
Lithuania 2003 North-East of Europe again: Lithuania with caravan.
  Digital Photographie from 2003, Photos until 2002 are scanned paperprints only:
Sailing 2002 Vacations in the north-east of Germany:
Sailing on the Lakes of Mecklenburg.
Latvia 2001 Another Trip to the Baltic States: Visiting Latvia.
Estonia 2000 On the way in the former Soviet Union: Camping in Estonia.
Norway 1999 From the polar circle to the Fjordlands.
Gotland 1998 Pictures from the Gotland-Island
Aland-Achipel 1997 Camping on the Aland-Archipel between Sweden and Finland